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Rear speakers too low to be correct..

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  • Rear speakers too low to be correct..

    Hey guys. First off, I THINK I saw this posted somewhere else in here, but I am honestly SO tired, I can't think straight. I JUST finished my install of my new speakers and amp.

    2x 5.25" Alpine Type-S - Front
    2x 6.50" Alpine Type-S - Rear
    1x Alpine F250 Amplifier

    My Carpc specs are:
    VIA EPIA M10000 Mainboard
    1GB Ram (what does this matter.. ha ha..)
    Onboard Audio
    Onboard Video
    80GB HDD
    Windows XP Pro
    *VIA Vinyl Deck*
    And some other useless info you don't need to know

    So, I got this ALL hooked up and finished tonight (finished around 11:00). Turned on the PC (had this installed for about 4 months now) and BOOM, the LED light on the Amp powers up.. Doing pretty good now.

    System boots up, ALL sounds disabled.. Windows noises in a CarPC are annoying anyways. I load up Winamp and start to play some music and NO sound. I check Winamps volume controls, and realize that it's set to Mute. I feel like an idiot and unmute it....

    I get GREAT sound out of the front (whoever said onboard audio sucks needs to relook at their speaker/amp setup.. It sounds JUST FINE for me.. And probably other people too..) But I get VERY low audio out of the back. I checked vinyl deck and ended up having to go back through and re-check all my settings for 2/4/6 channels.. Everything I can think of looks right. I have NO clue how to setup the amp, so maybe this is my problem? I didn't touch any of the controls on it.

    My main question is: Does anyone reading this know where to start for my solution? I know I should check out the Amp settings, but I personally have NO CLUE what is set right/wrong. Front audio sounds superb, rear leaves a ton to be desired.. THANKS!

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    I wanted to add (now that I'm more awake): I understand that most of you are going to say "check out the amp". I looked at the instructions that came w/the amp, but I don't understand 1/8 of what it says. It just doesn't really make any sense to me.

    But on top of that, has anyone been having problems with Winamp & Road Runner & Windows Volume control changing the volumes randomly from NO SOUND to 100% sound? I can't seem to get a steady volume. Hmm..


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      OK, Check the Amp!

      Seriously, it should be set at the midpooint for the gains from the factory but you never know. Check the gain adjustment on the amp for the rear channels and see if it is turned down.

      I find that if the MP3, video or whatever very often does not have a rear channel, therfore, no rear sound. Remember, if you have 4.1 suround selected (or something similar)the audio is only going to go to the rear channels when called for. Car stereo's split the left and right channels into front and rear. That's why they have louder rear volume and a fader to control it. Dolby surround 4.1 or so, Check it out.

      As to the volume jumping around, check your setting in RR. Do you have the volume mapped to all channels, wav, master volume etc in rr config? Mess around with the setings until yo find something that works for your setup.

      Good luck
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        Alright, that makes sense.. I checked the speakers out, and got the rear ones to work (buddy was messing w/amp while I messed w/the software) and BAM, it worked. I think I went into my sound menu in windows and changed it to 5.1.. What should I put those settings at?