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  • Iso -> Amp - > Pc, Easy!

    Right i really dont want to have to wire my speakers direct to my amp to be able to connect them to my PC. i wish to use my existing wiring.

    simple question can i convert the iso connector that my HU would normally use and some how connect that to my AMP which in turn would then connect to my pc.

    i've just come across thisISO to RCA Line in Adaptor

    could i then connect those rcas to my amps speaker connections? i've been doing alot of searching on the forum and not seen anyone with this setup so just want to know if there is reason to not doing it this way or if it will even work!

    mucho thankage - Alex.

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    So your vehicle has a factory amp that you want to conenct your PC to?

    or are you trying to connect to your PC to your factory radio through auxillary in?
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      No no, i will be buying an amp for this installation - i want to convert my standard wiring that would go into the back of my HU but instead go to an amp so that i may connect it to my PC.


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        then yes you can do that. You just use that harness and wire one end of the speakers wires to that harness, and the other end connects to your aftermarket amp.

        If the stock oem speaker wiring is of small guage and you want to use a high power amp with new upgraded speakers, then I would suggest just running new wires to all the speakers.
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          the speakers will be of oem grade i should think - i could just control the amps power as not to pop them anyhow im hoping

          cheers for clearing this all up for me durwood been so hard to get a straight answer


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            oh wait, I jsut noticed the one you have linked has RCA plugs on one end. You need one that plugs into your stock wiring and has regular wires coming out. Then it will match up to each speaker in the car. (like the picture below) Then you connect the soundcard outs to the amplifier.

            What kind of car is this for?

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              hang on let me get this right so i connect ALL of those cabled direct to my amp? surly i would only need 4 of them?


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                looks like the same as I posted. If that is the correct wire harness for your vw polo, then yes. That appears to be the standard german/blaupunkt wire harness you would see on most BMW and VW's.
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                  Most likely you won't need all of those wires.
                  Bottom set is power and top is speakers.
                  First and last two sets should be rear speakers and middle two sets are fronts.


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                    you will only need 8 wires coming out of that harness (2 wires for each speaker +/-). You will need to extend wires coming from this to the "speaker outs" of the amplifier.

                    Right rear

                    Left rear

                    Left Front

                    Right Front

                    the rest of the wires would be for powering a HU if you were installing a new one, these wires you would not need.

                    yellow=12V constant power
                    Red=12V switched
                    blue=power antenna/antenna booster
                    blue/white=amp turn on (if there is an OEM amp)

                    Does this make any sense now?
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                      perfect, could i use the power ones to power my touchscreen or would it be the wrong voltage?


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                        Originally posted by pandapop View Post
                        perfect, could i use the power ones to power my touchscreen or would it be the wrong voltage?

                        Red and black.

                        You can also use the red wire as the remote turn on for your amp too.
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                          if i ever meet you two i'm buying you a pint!