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  • specific amplifier problem question

    Any help here would be appreciated......I know alternator whine has been covered here extensively, but I have a specific question.....I have an Alpine CDA9813 HU linked to an MTX Blue Thunder 504 4 channel amplifier. All of the appropriate troubleshoots have been turns out that I only get whine out of my REAR channel....when unplugging RCAs, it is gone. I have switched the RCAs to the front and the whine does not appear, so I know it is not the RCAs. Does this sound like I have a defective amplifier? No matter what I do, I only hear whine out of the rear channel of this amp. Before I buy a new amplifier, does anyone have any other ideas? Thanks

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    make sure that specific speaker wire is not touching ground. Either use a multimeter to check to see if that wire is touching ground or move that speaker to a different channel if you don;t own a multimeter and see if the problem follows it.

    you could aslo try swapping around your RCA cables to see if you have a bad RCA cable.
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      Originally posted by durwood View Post

      you could aslo try swapping around your RCA cables to see if you have a bad RCA cable.
      Or, it could be a bad RCA jack(s) on the amplifier. Wiggling around the RCAs at the amp might make the whine go away.



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        Whining has different reasons:
        Cheap quality RCA cables, bad or poor grounding for ground wires to the chasis,cheap amplifiers or problem in the head unit RCA ground on internal PCB of HU,,try to connect a wire between clean ground of the chassis and the ground of RCA plug to the amplifier while the system is runing and see the difference.


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          it sound like the rca jack from the amplifier board is broken
          check the amplifier remove the back cover and the side cover
          to move the rca jacks