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  • HU Crapping out

    I just tried putting in my new Blaupunkt Silverstone C34 (cassette/radio/aux input).

    The problem: I turn it on and it turns on. The sound is muffled. Sometimes a slight echo is heard. Then if you look closely the lights start to dimmer. As the decibels go up, it gets worse, really muffled and more dimming. Then as once it gets to a certain point, it just pops and turns off. Not even that high either. Like moderately loud.

    Only thing I can accustom it to was that at first the speaker wires were in the wrong places. But now their all fine and it still does it.

    Any ideas?

    EDIT: just tried my old radio, about the same problem. Doesn't work right either. I guess I did something bad.
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