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Subwoofer wiring help

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  • Subwoofer wiring help

    I have a Power Acoustik 12" FUBR Sub. The impedance is dual 2-ohm. I was wondering about a few things. First, what type of amplifier would suit this configuration best, like mono 1-ohm stable or what? Also, does powering 2 subs with a mono amp make the amp run hotter than it usually would? Any help would be good!!!

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    There are 1 ohm mono stable amps, but they are few, and fewer still can run that low a load consistantly without breakdown. If you are looking to use that subwoofer I recommend running it in series for a 4 ohm load instead of parallel for a 1 ohm load. There are many fine amplifiers to choose from that will run at 4 ohm mono all day long.
    As far as multiple subs, the final impedence load is the key here as well, not the number of speakers the amplifier is driving.