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  • Emergency Answer Needed !!!

    Ok, not a real big emergency, but considering how impatient I am, its close.

    Anyway, I want to hook up my subs tomorrow, but have never done any in a series.

    I know that I must connect a wire from the + on amp to + on speaker. Then, - on that speaker to + on second speaker. Last, - on speaker to - on amp.

    The problem I am having is that I don't know if you have to make the + and -connection on the same channel of the Amp, EITHER (L) or (R), or if you split the connection on the Amp and use BOTH (R) and (L) channels.

    This website shows using only one channel of the amp. Is this right? Do I have to choose the (R) channel if so? Could I use the (L) side or do I use both the (R) and (L) side?

    Thanks to anyone with a quick and correct response,


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    It all depends on the amp and speakers. Why are you doing this in the 1st place? there will be no benefit over running it in stereo with running them in a series. If they are 2 ohm subs and the amp is 4 ohm mono capable then there is a reason.. the amp will act if it has a 4 ohm mono load but 2 4 ohm subs in a series will be 8 ohm mono this config has no benefits over 4 ohm stereo .


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      An echo for Davidingermany, to my knowledge it depends entirely on the amp, and the manual or website should tell you.

      If you post the details on amp and subs you would get a better answer, I suspect.


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        need more info on speakers, but i agree with the above
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