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need audio advice(+ more) pics up

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  • need audio advice(+ more) pics up

    Sooo. Now that I have my car pc and Lilliput installed and working, I need to figure out how to add:
    -Internet service

    What do I use with THIS computer to get my audio split to proper front R/L, front center, rear R/L, subwoofer channels so that I can install a basic 5.1 channel sound system.
    What do I use to get XM radio and control right from the screen

    what is an inexpensive way to get GPS navigation?

    As for Vid, I only have a cd drive, so obviously a DVD is needed, however, I don't know what to buy for this. Any advice?

    Last but not least, I bought a "Linksys" USB card to attempt getting Internet service. -I couldn't even get a signal from my own garage, and the router sitting in the kitchen (behind an interior 2x4 framed wall) -that got returned, and I need to find out what will work, and what I can reasonably expect out of it.

    My main question is related to AUDIO, so I posted here in this forum, sorry for wandering off track so much, feel free to flame
    and a big thanks to anyone who can offer any advice to my plethora of questions