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    well i got dual-brand 12 inch subs in a bandpass box.
    want to make a sealed box for them so i can fit them where i want them.
    but i cant find the recommended enclosure size for the subs.

    so question is, is there anyway i can measure the sealed part of the bandpass box and convert that to regular sealed box(tho doubt it works like that) or would i be better just making a box and seeing if i like the sound??

    seen a site that said like 2 ft^3 to 3 ft^3 is avg for a 12inch sub, should i just try that or do you have a better recommendation?

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    Have you tried their website:

    here's the user manual for the DS12 (their basic sub):
    page 8 of 12:
    Good Bass = .75 cu ft
    Better Bass = 1.0 cu ft
    Best Bass = 1.25 cu ft

    I'd hate to be mean about it, but it took me a whole 14 seconds to find this info. You've got over 350 posts here, so I'm sure you've seen people get flamed for not searching...
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