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Jeep Liberty: Front Speaker Help

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  • Jeep Liberty: Front Speaker Help

    Hi, I did a quick search but couldn't find an answer to my question.

    I have an 07 Jeep Liberty and I'm replacing the the 6 speaker system with 3-way Kappa 6.5s in the front and 2-way Kappa 6.5s in the back. The fronts aren't component, but there is a passive crossover with them.

    I've replaced the HU and still get sound from all 6 speakers, although there's only 4 speaker outs that I know of. I haven't taken the doors apart yet.

    My assumption is there's a passive crossover for the stock speakers. Is this correct? If so, where are they mounted? Should I just run new wire from the deck? My concern is if I just run off the wire lead in the front door, that that'll be the mid-range channel after it's hit the crossover and I'll be losing my high pass.

    Any help appreciated!

    EDIT: I should add it's not the Infiniti stock system, but it is 6-speaker.