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Nice setup for 2007 F250 Crew Cab

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  • Nice setup for 2007 F250 Crew Cab

    So I got this new truck with a bone stock system, pretty anemic to say the least. As they say- time for an upgrade!

    What would be the cool setup (to be one and done, not go back later and, and, and)? I'd like to get GPS Navigation as part of it, CD's and the radio would be about all I care about (no video, XM or Bluetooth needed). For sound, I like clean and crisp, good base but not overly thumping- at home I like Infinity speakers, if that helps. Bring it! Oh yeah- anyone around 95023 that cares to install all this....I'll make ya a deal! TIA.


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    Whats a CD?
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      do you want an aftermarket system of a car pc?
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        If you only want to listen to music and gps without going through the hassles of setting up a carputer (yes it's a pita to setup a carputer, especially for a newb), get the pioneer nav radio. Does everything you want as stated. It'll even allow a backup camera if you're so inclinded.,00.html

        The rest of it is pretty standard audio install practices (amps, sub's components, etc).
        A good local audio shop can help you out there.......

        Carpc's are more of a "hobbiest" thing...........

        Now, if you want unparalelled control over the sound system, near unlimited expandability, have deep pockets and lots of time to waste:

        Come on in! The water's fine................
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          I'm in the same boat as the original poster. I have a 2000 F250 SD. I am looking at putting a truckPC in it. *smile

          I *was* looking at a Pioneer AVIC D3. Nice unit, except that

          1) you can't nav and use the disk for music or video.

          2) nav updates aren't free and the current nav maps have some holes in them

          3) I am making extensive use of MP3s now, after years of wrecking CDs with scratches. The AVIC-D3 has no internal MP3 storage, ie no hard drive and thus one needs to use an MP3 player for that function. Unfortunately this requires a conversion kit and an iPod if you want a nice interface.

          4) The D3 has a 6.2" LCD. I want something larger, probably a 10.4" LCD.

          5) The unit has zero expandability. Yes, you can buy things like a TV tuner and such, but you are screwed as soon as the next big thing comes out. I know this first hand because I have a Pioneer DEH 1.5DIN CD player in it now. It was state of the art circa 2000, but it doesn't handle MP3s, radio station info, etc. I know a truckPC will go out of date in 5 years too, but at least I can upgrade it gradually as I need to to keep it current.

          In short, I wouldn't be so quick to recommend a Pioneer AVIC D3 over a truckPC.


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            Put a 'puter in err!!! Make it stand out from all the other Ford screw cabs!
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              The Pioneer Avic Z2 has an internal hard drive, is double din, touchscreen, has maps on hardrive. It is like a pioneer carputer. Well a locked down carputer....
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