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speakers cutting out at low volume

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  • speakers cutting out at low volume

    I have a g35 with the bose system but with a pioneer avic-d3 HU.
    This has not happened before and arised a couple months ago.

    if the HU is turned on at low volume, the left speaker will not work but will cut in when the volume is set to 9 or above.

    and after that if you turn it down again, it will still work until very low volumes like below 2 or when you turn it off.

    It happens almost everytime and I know it happens in G35s with the bose HU but the problem is I have an aftermarket HU. this shouldn't be happening.

    What i would like to know is that if this is a HU problem or speaker problem?

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    Sounds like a bad/dirty connection to the speaker to me. I had something similar on my car. I took the spade connector off the speaker, gave it a clean and a tighten up and it was brand new again.
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      What no carputer?

      Was the bose amp integrated with your aftermarket radio or was it bypassed. If it was bypassed, then the speakers might 2 ohms and you pioneer is only going to be happy with 4 ohms or higher.

      If it was integrated with the factory amp, maybe you need to have the connections for whatever converter was used to integrate it with looked at, use a different one, or it was improperly installed.
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        On the GM Cars with the bose system, each speaker has a separate amp. As durwood said, the speakers could be 2 ohm because of this. You might want to replace the speakers anyway.
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          I had a problem with a dodge caravan and the infinity system. The speakers were an incredibly HIGH impedance, and each speaker had its own amp mounted to the speaker. It worked, but didn't work well, so I had to dump all the factory speakers for aftermarkets. It sucks, but it's got to be done sometimes.
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            i think it was integrated with a scosche harness.

            If it was bypassed, then the speakers might 2 ohms and you pioneer is only going to be happy with 4 ohms or higher.
            I don't think this is the case because the speaker on the passenger side works perfectly fine.