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keep my head unit or not?

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  • keep my head unit or not?

    I have a small dilema...i have a old laptop here ready to be taken apart but i dont know if i should connect the laptop directly to my amps or if i should connect it to my head unit and from the head unit to my amps... my deck is a pioneer DEH-p6900ub and i have 2 amps a 4 channel for my surround sound and a mono block for my subs i was gonna go with the computer directly to my amps but since it is a laptop mother board i dont think u could add a better soundcard so im kinda stuck what would uall do thanks for your help

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    Yeah I have the same issue as well. Would love to remove my head unit but dont want quality to suffer.
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      exactly lol... i want to keep good quality audio


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        Your hu cannot improve the quality at all, but it is closer to the laptop which means less cabling(and Y splitters) and your headunit will make sure two sources will not be playing at the same time. You will not be happy with the quality of a laptop, I recommend getting a external usb sound card 5.1 surround. They are under $100 and quality will match your head unit if not better.
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          really.... i never knew there was usb sound cards where can i get one i am willing to spend more than 100 if it will improve my sound quality and if i do get that sound card then i might as well get rid of the HU right?...