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alpine Ai-NET & carpc integration

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  • alpine Ai-NET & carpc integration

    Hi all,

    I know this has been discussed over and over again with the general consensus that Ai-NET and carpc integration is not possible, because no-one has been able to hack the Ai-NET protocol.

    In that case, this would probably be the best kept secret ever: Look here for the Intravee II

    This thing only translates BMW i-bus to Alpine Ai-NET, but at least these guys know how Ai-NET works. At least it would be possible to control the Alpine ipod interface and cd changer with an additional i-bus <-> pc interface. The PXA-H701 is not controllable yet, allthough it might be in the future.

    I can only dream of the possibility that a steering wheel interface would be able to change volume and switch modes on the alpine processor. But with this, there might be some light at the end of the tunnel.

    If anyone has more info or ideas on this, please post here.


    PS. I searched these forums for "intravention" and "intravee" and nothing came up. Yet i know for sure i have seen it mentioned once, deep in one of the very long threads about the subject.

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    Also check out the thread about this at the intravention forum:
    link to thread

    To be honest, i was convinced that a lot of people are looking for this kind of interface.


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      Last call.


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        I would kill for a PC AI-NET interface. Too bad that guy won't release the protocol info. Hell, I almost want to just buy his company and its IP so I can get the protocol...
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          looks like Ainet-Carpc integration won't be far away - alpine-ainet-crc-solved!

          Check out this link - looks like Ainet-Carpc integration won't be far away