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Installing a sub and amp!

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  • Installing a sub and amp!

    hi guys, i have a ford fiesta 1.25, 1996 Zetec, and i'm trying to install a sub and amp, i have both sub and amp and all the wiring, I'm trying to connect the amp to the car battery, and everyone keeps telling me there will be a little hole/gromit in my car to feed the wire through...but i cant find it for the life of me!! there doesnt seem to be any form of hole anywhere! Will i have to drill one?

    Would appreicate any replies.


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    You'll need to drill a new hole if you can't locate or use the existing hole.

    I assure there IS a hole with wires passing from the engine compartment to the passenger compartment. Whether or not it can be used is another matter....
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      Yep. Exactly what Darque said. There has to be a hole through the firewall, but many times it is hidden behind the dash and inaccessible. Id recommend just drilling a hole through the firewall using a heavy duty holesaw (not the plastic ones) through the firewall on the side of the battery. Make sure you either put a rubber grommet or some other form of protection on the inside of the hole you just made so the wire's insulation does not get cut. You wouldn't want the battery to short circuit.
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        make sure you check the other side of the firewall where your gonna drill. you really dont want to accidentally drill into the heater core or a wire loom. one of the best places is right above the gas and brake peddles. as stated before make sure you use a gromit or some other form of protection for the wire, slit wire loom will do the job as well. fuse the wire as close as you can to the batt to protect it and fuse to the wire size not just any large amperage fuse.