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What type of amp for stock system?

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  • What type of amp for stock system?

    I'm building my carpc right now. Waiting to purchase an amp. I have been told that I need an amp for the sound that will come from the sound card to run into my vehicle. I have an 07 Eddie Bauer Explorer. I will not be adding or changing the speaker system. How do I figure out what type of amp I need?


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    How do I figure out what type of amp I need?
    Count the number of channels in the factory system, and it's power output, then buy something similar.


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      getting rid of the head unit all together?


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        You don't want an amp that puts out more power than your stock headunit's amp if you are keeping the speakers stock as well. But, whats the point of keeping the stock radio?? You will have to figure out a way to incorporate it into your carpc if you ever want it to play music. Once you hook up an external amplifer, the stock speakers will no longer be hooked up to your stock radio. Id recommend just getting rid of the stock stereo and putting the screen in its place. But thats just me.
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          Does your vehicle have a factory outboard amp, I.E. and amp located elsewhere in the vehicle not built into the radio?
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            I want to get rid of the head unit but just keep the factory installed speakers. There is no other factory installed outboard amp.

            Sorry I had alot of other things going on a few months ago.