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HQCT vs MOBO sound input.

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  • HQCT vs MOBO sound input.

    I intend to get a HQCT unit for the purpose of integrating AM/FM radio into a complete self contained 1.5 DIN unit. Check it out here:
    It states the following:

    "Compact module that uses standard computer connections (Internal motherboard USB pin header, Molex power connector, CD-Rom audio connector) for integration in existing housing of the computer."

    The part in bold is what I have a question about. I have read in searching other threads about this topic that it can handle the audio for the motherboard. I am not exactly sure what this means. I know that people that go with headless units (fully integrated into DIN) use the motherboard's 5.1, 6.1, or 7.1 audio feature to connect to an AMP which routes the signal to the speakers. If it helps, I am also planning on putting one of these in the unit:

    So with the HQCT unit and the 41hz Amp9 unit, what would I do with the CD-ROM audio connector of the HQCT?
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    CD-Rom audio connector was typically a cable that ran from the cd rom drive to the sound card in a computer. This cable is now obsolete since audio travels through the IDE or SATA cable to the motherboard now instead.

    In this application, it looks like the USB connection on controls it, and the audio connector will need to be plugged directly into the motherboard to get audio from the tuner
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