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Alpine H701 Wiring question

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  • Alpine H701 Wiring question

    Hey guys, not to sound like a n00b but I'm having a hard time figruing out how to wire my H701 with my Alpine CDA9883 deck. The problem is with the set of wires for the power to the H701.

    I understand that I just splice/connect my h701 remote out to my external amp. Not a problem. I also understand that the black groudn wire can be ground to my cap in the trunk of my Jeep liberty where there two subs are currently installed. My problem is the power cable.

    It has two ends. (why?)
    And what is with the odd looking connection at the tip, where does that go?
    So my question is basically this:

    Am I better off installing the H701 in the trunk where my two amps (mono for sub, 4 channel for highs) and my cap are all installed, and running my power and ground to the cap like my amps are?


    Installing it under my passenger seat? And if I install it here, where do I place the power cable? Can it be run from the car battery? From the Cap in the back? I'm not sure where my headunit (CDA9883) is powered from because I had that professionally installed. And how do I connect the power cable when it has that odd shaped ending?

    Any advice is appreciated. Thank you.

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    There's a whole thread dedicated to the H701 here


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