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Digital Processor EQ vs. Winamp

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  • Digital Processor EQ vs. Winamp

    I have a Rockford 3sixty Digital Sound processor pulling high level input from the OEM HU. It then goes to a 4 channel amp, then to Polk Components. The HU recieves signal from CARPC sound card via AUX input. I really don't feel I am getting the loud crisp sound I should be. I have the EQ moved arround and set in the processor, as well as Winamp. Is this ok or should I flatten out one of them and let just one handle the Equalization?

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    leave EQ to one source. It keeps things simple.
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    Please post on the forums! Chances are, someone else has or will have the same questions as you!


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      The processing power in the 360 is so much greater then that of winamp, you will have better results using the RF processor.
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        Thanks I'll give it a try


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          One more question...I am going to be using 24 Bit Live USB external Card. I have a HU in the mix, and was going to bring the PC sound into the sound processor via a 2 RCA AUX in. Am I going to lose quality by using the aux in as opposed to splitting up all the channels in " FR L/R, REAR L/R , Sub ?


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            In short: No.
            Long answer: No. Are you referring to your head unit or the soundcard splitting the channels?
            Set your soundcard to 2 speaker output (as that's all you'll get via aux-in) and it'll work fine.

            That said; You said you're using some sort of processor? I'm not familiar with that one.
            If it has a secondary input, you're better off connecting the carpc directly to that, it'll provide you with quadraphonic surround sound, as you're running a 4 channel amp.