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Hifonics amp: Mono signal required

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  • Hifonics amp: Mono signal required

    I am using stock HU, a Hifonics Titan TXi-4006. I also am using line output converter. I want to use the amp for the 400x1rms 4ohm mono. My amp installation manual says for a bridged mono load it requires a mono source such as a sub output from an after market HU or active crossover and feed both inputs of the amp with the same mono signal using a Y-adaptor. Is there a way to use the outputs from the LOC to convert those to a mono signal? Or will an active crossover convert the LOC outputs and send out a mono source for the amp? I have searched everywhere and have found nothing. Any advice would help and would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    Sounds real odd to me. All mono amps I've seen internally sum the signal when bridged, so feeding it a left/right stero should be fine.


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      thanks for the repyly....well its a 2-channel amp. So im guessing just use the regular rca inputs and connect the sub terminals so its bridged. Ill see if that works. I thought it was real strange as well that the inputs needed a mono source signal. The amp doesnt have a switch for mono/stereo like I have also seen before. Thanks


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        your not gonna get 400w's out of that amp. its only 200w [email protected] and 100w rms at 4 ohms. if you need 400w rms you need to find another amp. there website doesnt show that amp as being 1ch bridgeable. i could be wrong but i cant seem to find any more info.


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          Yeah I noticed that on there website. Though the manual does say it is one channel bridgeable into 4ohms and shows the wiring diagram to do so. It just states that to bridge the channels both the inputs need a mono source as stated im not sure if thats the key or what....If I cant figure it out Ill send it back or exchange it. Thanks.

          Oh I found the specs on their website they are here:

          also here is a picture of the manual so you can see what it says:


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            thats weird. usually the amp takes care of the signal turning it into a mono signal for a L and R input. again, thats just weird but thats the thing with off brands. best thing i can say is get the y connector and try it. it shouldnt be more than a couple of bucks.