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Newb - Car Audio Setup - FIRST TIME!

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  • Newb - Car Audio Setup - FIRST TIME!

    Hi everyone! I am new to this forum and new to car audio so please bear with me . I am very experienced with audio as I produce my own in a pro studio which I purchased items for and rigged up and I have built a few small indoor systems which seem much more simpler than car audio systems!

    Here is a list of items I have purchased and a list of "Looking Into/Thinking About Buying" items:

    1 x Volkswagen Polo 1.4 CL 3-Door Hatchback (Holding, what I presume, A 12V battery)
    2 x Pioneer TS-W307D2 - 12" Subwoofers
    1 x Pioneer GM-7300M - 800W Mono Amplifier
    1 x Pyle Driver PLDCP1.2 - 1.2 Farad Power Capacitor

    Looking Into/Thinking About Buying
    2 x Pioneer TS-A6921 - 6" x 9" Coaxial 4-Way Speakers (For rear parcel shelf)
    2 x Pioneer TS-A172C - 2-Way 17cm Component Speakers (For doors & dash area)
    1 x Jensen VM9512 - 7'' Motorized Touch Screen Multimedia Receiver (Car Stereo)
    1 x AGU Fused Distribution Block & 2 x 30A Fuses

    I'll start by letting you know what I dont understand:

    * Cable sizes (Gauge, AWG ect.)
    * Why Pioneer recommended the GM-7300M |800W MAX| Amp to power 2 x TS-W307D2 |1200W MAX| 12" Subwoofers
    * Just simple knowlege of wiring a car system.

    Any help is great and very appreciated!


    1. I am left confused as to why my Pyle Driver PLDCP1.2 - 1.2 Farad Power Capacitor states 20-24V Surge. Does this mean i need a power supply between those ratings as my car battery is (I think - Must check!) 12V. I don't know if me living in the UK helps this question? Could be a country thing like when you go on holiday the volts change on some plug sockets. As I stated - Im a newb - Bear with me .

    2. Should I buy the equipment above, If not could you suggest something that will work here if they don't.

    3. Could someone explain how I would wire this all together.

    4. Basically put urself in the situation of having all the equipment above and tell me what you would do.

    P.S This is my very first car aswel so I may not know certain spots under the bonnet, interior ect.


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    This forum is dedicated to CarPCs and installing them in your car.

    The car audio forum is dedicated to integrating your car audio system with your CarPC.

    For specific questions related to car audio equipment systems that do not include CarPCs, I would recomend checking out car audio specific forums:
    et. al.

    There is a chance that someone on here might have an answer for you, I would just hate for you to wait around for it when I know you could get an answer much quicker on a dedicated forum.

    Good luck.

    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      1) You would just wire up the capacitor to you battery like normal with a fuse on the power wire. The reason is says 20-24 V surge is because when you amp pulls really hard the capicitor can compinsate for the higher voltage needs of the amp(The main reason for a capicitor).

      2) All the equipment listed should all work together. Just make sure the head unit has pre-outs for the amp for the subs.

      3) The way you would wire this is pretty simple if you take your time and think it through. The head unit will install in the dash with a wiring harness that you will need to buy for your car. You will then have 2 harnesses. One which you baught for you car and the one that came with the head unit. You need to wire these together and alot of times are color matched. The next step would be your door and rear speakers. All you have to do is take out you stock speakers and wire them up with the existing wires in the doors and rears. You might need to cut the plastic connectors off the wires and wire them directly o the speakers. Next is the amp, capicitor, and cap. You will run a power wire from your battery to your dist block. You will need to put a fuse close to the battery for protection. Then from the dist block run power to your cap then to you amp from the cap. This takes of all the power issues. Now you will have to run RCA cables from the back of you head unit to the RCA inputs on the amp. After that wire up your subs to the amp and your done. All af the thing you listed will come with installation diagrams and such to make installation easier.

      4) I just did . The only thing i would suggest is to do one thing at a time. If you do it all at once it will become impossible to trace down any problems you have. First install the head unit and get it working with your stock system. Then install you door and rear speakers. After that you can go for the amp. Look it up there are plenty of guides on how to install all of the thing you are looking to do.

      Good Luck and happy thumping, Stephen


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        Nearly There!

        Thanks SMP4488!!! Extremely helpful of you. I don't think I need any further assistance thanks to you! I knew how to do the basic bits like wiring the door and rear speakers & the head unit, just couldn't get my head round the amp, subs, power cap and fuses ect.

        1 MORE THING!

        The grounding...Do I route the ground cable to the batts [-] side or to the car? If I ground to the car, where and how would I do this?


        Where would you run all theese cables from the battery compartment to the boot???

        Cheers for your time, Danny


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          From my experience, you could make your ground connections to any place on your car chassis that is BARE metal. If you trace the connection from your battery terminal, you'll see (as I suspect, you already know), that it is connected to the chassis of the car. The key here, is to make sure your connection spot is BARE metal.

          About your second question, I wasn't sure what you were talking about...can you clarify?
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            Yes just as stated above look for some bare metal with a bolt to run the negative line. As for runnign the cables i would run everything under the molding of the car. Just start at one end and begin tucking the wires. You should probably run the positive battery line down one side and the rest of the wires on the other. I have always ran mine together and had no problems but i have heard of people getting interferance from the power wire. Good Luck and HAPPY NEW YEAR.


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                first off, that amp is NOT enough to push two of those subs. it would push one but not both. the amp is 360w RMS and the subs are 400w RMS. you would need an amp that is pushing 800w RMS in 2ohm. as far as the capacitor, they are nothing more than a bandaid for a bigger problem. if your charging and starting systems are up to snuff you shouldnt need anything. if your lights dim then fix the problem, dont mask it because it will still be there. when you buy the correct amp you would need either 2awg wire or even 1/0 and a splitter if your planing on running a second amp.


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                  - <<<<thats for all your wiring needs
                  -not sure about the pioneer subs or amps, i would needs specs for both.( only deal with pioneer head units.) also remember that max power has nothing to do with matching subs up with amps, only rms watts and ohm loads.
                  -wiring your car i couldn't tell you as i couldn't explain it, plus i haven't worked with v dubs.
                  1. I wouldn't use a cap in the first place.
                  2. the speakers are alright but i wouldn't put any in the rear deck, just leave the stocks as the subs will drown them out. if you want to get slightly better speakers, look into eclipse, crystal, cdt, rainbow, DLS depending on price range. there are other speaker brands but this is off the top of my head.
                  3. Darque pervert listed quite a few sites that will help with the wiring portion. There just little diagrams so you will have to use your imagination a bit to get it working.
                  4. i would go with a different sub/amp combo. also i would switch out the head unit to a higher end cd player with a usb input. only reason i would change the head unit is because i wouldn't use the dvd function much at all.
                  anything else just ask
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                    The amp produces 800w of power in 2ohms and the subs are 2ohm and only need 400w each, i dont want to overpower and i dont want to underpower and since pioneer state its the "perfect combo" i would go with that.

                    In my eyes the car battery is useless on its own with all that power being sucked out of it. I don't want to be charging it every week so the cap should help reduce sudden charges charges..surely. if my lights dim..the problem would be there is not enough power flowing around the car..thus the point of a cap with that surge. the cap will give the car that extra power its asking for instead of struggling to suck it out of the battery on its own. i was considering two batterys but didnt really feel like it to tell the truth. want to learn from experience. I would use the dvd fuction as i will be playing music videos and lil bro comes for a ride now and then so he can watch his dvds while im driving lol. i do see your point though but i will use it a bit. was considering the pioneer head unit with everything you can imagine, digital tv, dvd, sat-nav, mp3, mp4 ect. but the cost is mad!

                    I have wired the sytem roughly in my house (without powering it) to make sure its right before i start installing into the car. I start with the batterys pos and neg, pos going through 2 x 30a fuses (pioneer amp uses 2 pos cables from batt to amp to ensure good power suppy), then into the distribution block and out into my amp and cap, the amp is wired straight to the head units remote control, the rca cables are also wired to the head unit...this is where im stuck..the speaker connection on the amp is 1 channel so how would i wire this to 2 subs each holding 2 x pos and 2 x neg terminals? (bearing in mind they need to be wired in 2ohm format), the manual isn't helping much!

                    apart from that i have everything sorted, all cables, fuses ect. all purchased and ready to go. i still need to purchase the head unit, rear shelve speakers and door speakers and was considering some sort of eq that will filter where the bass mid and trebles goes in the car, i.e i want the bass in the boot/trunk, the mid & treble in the back and doors, doors holding some bass aswel though. any ideas?

                    Thanks for your help everyone, Danny


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                      Also, Sorry For Posting On This Forum I Know Its Not Made For That But Evryone Is Helping So Thanks!