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Small amp with optical input?

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  • Small amp with optical input?


    I have read a lot of information regarding amplifiers but I cannot find a small amp that simply takes an optical input and converts to analog and amplifies to 4 or 5.1 channels that I can put in the dash.

    There are a few small amps such as the "Small/Simple USB audio amp" thread, but I already have a soundcard and just need an amp. These seem to have integrated soundcards...

    It seems that I have three real options that I have listed in order of my preference:

    1. Find this "phantom amp" and put it in the dash with connections going directly to the speakers via the car's stock harness.

    2. Use Stereo line out from my PC and go into a small 4 channel amp with sound out to speakers the same as above (suggestions?)

    3. Use optical out and run a cable to big amps in the trunk or under the seats

    I am not afraid to build something from components (I saw some barebones stuff out there) as long as I have all of the info I need...
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