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Pontiac stock CD player goes kaput

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  • Pontiac stock CD player goes kaput

    Hi, I've lurked for a while, but never posted. Looking for a little help!

    I wasn't present for this event, so I can't be too specific, but my wife tried to put a second CD in my car's already loaded CD player. She applied light force (she insists she didn't push hard), and stopped when she realized there must already be a disc in.

    She hit the eject button, and there was a grinding sound that went on for as long as the car ran. No CD came out. Now, the radio works and will change bands, but the CD/Aux button and the Eject button are totally inoperative.

    Anybody know a way to fish this out? I'm guessing from her description of the sound, there's a motor or servo fried.

    Car is a 2004 Grand Am with the stock radio.

    Thanks in advance!

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    My guess is that you are going to have to pull the radio out and take it apart to get your CD out...perhaps while you are in there you can see what got bent/broken and fix it.


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      you are definately going to have to open this up. You might as well save your self the trouble and get a new deck. If you drop $400 you can get the Alpine that integrates with Ipod. It is in no way a perfect ipod control solution but atleast you can get your music fix.
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        Ah, I figured as much.

        Thanks for the replies!