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Innovatek 990DVD - Not working !!

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  • Innovatek 990DVD - Not working !!

    I have just installed the Innovatek 990DVD (in-car DVD and TV Tuner) unit. I purchased this fromHonk Kong (off eBay) for installation into my Ford Escort (in the U.K.).

    I wired the colour coded cables from the head unit to an ISO connector that I bought from a local store (Maplin Electronics). I installed the unit then switched it on, all I get is a white screen and the radio signal is scrambled, it sounds like a recording playing in reverse. I then loaded a CD, although the screen tried to dispay an image - it didn't, all I got was a badly pixalated and scrambled picture, this meant that I could not select a track to play.

    I have since taken the unit out and checked my connections, I cannot see anything wrong, I have matched both the colours and the wire descriptions, I have contacted the eBay user in case it is a faulty unit - has anyone has a similar experience???

    Many thanks

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    Moved to the Car Audio forum.
    Understand that is focused on vehicle computers, not these all-in-one headunits. AS such, you're not likely to get much information here.

    Lots of people have had problems with these. Innovatek is generally regarded as junk.
    Just search the forums for horror stories.
    I'm sure a Google search will reveal even more.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      why people keep buying form mp3playerstore since they have bad quality. I bought 1-din GPS dvd and installed from a store (mocis) in Toronto half year ago. so far so good.