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Toyota 12pin connector adapter (new to old)

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  • Toyota 12pin connector adapter (new to old)

    Dear all good day,

    First of all congratulations for an excellent forum.

    I need your assistance.

    I have a toyota corolla E12, model march 2004. It is the pro-facelift version.
    My head-unit is a panasonic/matsusita W58807.
    I have recently bought an xcarlink so as to connect it to the headunit and be able to play Mp3.
    The problem is that my headunit has the old (large) Toyota version plug for the old 12pin connector while the xcarlink is provided with the new (small) toyota 12pin connector.
    I am desperately trying to find an adapter which will change the new connector to the old connector. In other words, I want an adapter with male large old 12 pin connector and female small new connector.
    I am attaching a photo (which I have sent also to the person I bought the xcarlink) for assistance.
    Can anyone please help? I will appreciate any kind of assistance.

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    It sounds like the vendor sent you the wrong part, perhaps for a different model year.

    If they are an honorable vendor, they should exchange for the correct part.
    If not, there are sources for the correct part. I'd look at audio shops, either physcal or online.

    Good luck.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      I have found on the net something that might do the trick...

      I have ordered it from E-bay and I will try it. In case it works I shall let you know.


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        i have same problem if you have a solution can you give me where you buy the connector please
        thanks for all


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          I have ordered the adapter from E-bay and it works fine!

          You can find it here:

          Glad I could help.



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            I need help!

            I am trying to get pinout for a stereo from 2003 Toyota Corolla LE Model No. 86120-02280 Ref No. CQ-JS7260X Serial No. MX184145. My goal is to have AUX cable run to my iPod instead of playing the tape itself. I have searched all of WWW and there is limited information. The dealer cant even help me on this.
            Basically i am looking for where i am to tap into on the circuit board of the tape deck to make my own auxiliary cable which will connect to iPod.
            I have seen this done on BMW and other cars, but i am unsure of how to do so on corolla.
            Can anyone please help? If you have any info, pictures, or diagrams that may help, i would really appreciate it!


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              I have the pin-out for both the old big adaptor (7+5) and the new small adaptor (6+6). I suppose that since you have the 2003 model, you should have the old adaptor...
              I hope it helps.

              However, you can order an xcarlink from ebay and save yourself the trouble.


              I am using this product in my 2004 corolla and I am super-satisfied. You can play mp3s and connect your ipod.
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                I ordered the adapter from Aliexpress with lower price and works perfect: