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    Hi all. I have a 2003 Infiniti G35 with the Bose stereo system. I just recently found out that the front components aren't Bose. They're just factory speakers (not that the Bose are THAT much better). Fort the time being, I would like to replace them with some after market components. I was considering the Infinity Kappa 60.7cs 2ohm speakers as I will be running these off the stock Bose amp. Any opinions on these speakers?

    A buddy of mine has some Rainbow components that sound really good, but I can't find any dealers and I'm not sure if they have 2ohm components. I've also heard good reviews on MB Quarts, Focal & RE Audio.

    Do you guys have any recommendations on a good pair of components that are 2ohm?


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    I've found Infinity speaks to be on the harsh sounding side. That said, I would try to listen to anything before you buy. You may love the way the sound.


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      are you sure the stock bose amp is running at 2-ohm?

      the reviews for the Kappa's are pretty nice...i personally havent heard them, but i love the kappa should be happy with the Kappas as long as you can actually run around 90Watts to them...i dont know any specs on the bose amps...but just make sure that you can run more than what the speakers require so you dont get the distortion from trying to push you amp too far...cause that's what damages speakers...
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        Yeah, the amp does run at 2-ohm. Quite a few guys over at g35driver use the kappas.

        I basically wanted to see if there was a better option for the money. Eventually I would like to upgrade the whole system, but that might be a while.

        Does anyone here know what the stock Bose amp power output is on a G35?


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          I love Infinity speakers, and have run them in several vehicels. As with any speaker, listen to them before you buy. I'm currently runnning Reference-series in my truck off of deck power. Much improved over stock.