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More 5 channel amp questions...

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  • More 5 channel amp questions...

    I'm concerned about the inputs and outputs of 5 channel amps...

    Firstly, the they have a stereo RCA input for the sub channel, or is it a single, mono input?
    Also on the output side, is it a single + - terminal bridged output, or a pair (stereo) of sub outputs that can be physically bridged?

    I'm contemplating running a center 5.1 channel thru one side of the input (if it has both high/low pass of course), and the sub on the other...
    This will reduce the power to the sub, correct? Seeing as it isn't "bridged"...
    I'll also be using a single 10" sub, but with dual voice coils...will it have enough 'punch' unbridged?

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    Do you have a particular amp in mind????

    different 5 channel amps may have totally different configurations..

    Have you considered using a 6 channel amp? You could bridge 2 channels to make it a 5 channel, or use it as a 6.
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      Maybe a Zapco 650.6 6-channel actually...but the same question applies.
      Also thinking about a Pheonix Gold or MBQuart...


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        It's going to depend on the manufacturer's spec for the design.
        For example, the Memphis Belle uses a summed signal (single input) for the woofer section. If you go to their site and click on product support, they have a pdf that explains what one would need to do.
        Although a 3 channel product, my Xtant 603 retains stereo woofer input and does the summing using on-board electronics.


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          Also on the output side, is it a single + - terminal bridged output, or a pair (stereo) of sub outputs that can be physically bridged?
          That would be a 6 channel amp.


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            i'd sell my Zeus 5.1 for the right price.

            (trades are a possibility)
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              5 channel amps in general have a pair of stereo inputs on the 5th channel (since most head units use a pair of outputs for the sub) that are summed in the amp. So there is only a single 5th output on a 5 channel amp. If there would be two outputs it would be a 6 channel amp.

              Now, to use it as you want it would be difficult. First you would need a 6 channel amp and not a 5 channel (5.1 = 5+1 = 6 channels). Even then most amps have a high/low pas filter for a pair of channels but not for each channel individualy. So you will eather have to filter it low pass meaning only low frequencies will come to the center speaker wich renders it useless or high pass wich means no low frequenties come out of your sub wich renders it useless too.

              You can choose the option not to use the filters in the amp and filter the signal active before it enters the amp or passive after it leaves the amp but even then you will have the problem that the gain setting will be linked for channels 5 and 6 so if you want your sub to be louder, the center speaker will also be louder and vise-versa.

              There are probably exeptions to this rule but this is what most amps look like.

              You can try using a 5 channel for the 4 speakers and the sub and use a small 2 channel for the center speaker. You can bridge this one so it can be a really small amp.

              Or, of course, you can use a dedicated 5.1 channel amp....
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