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control of Sirius tuner SC-C1 or SC-H1

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  • control of Sirius tuner SC-C1 or SC-H1

    Im still conceptualizing my install. I plan on using a laptop that has a free serial port. I have read about the MJS Gadgets device, but if its really a simple FTDI USB/serial adapter, then couldnt I just connect the SC-C1 tuner to my laptops serial port?

    My laptop only has 2 USB ports, so if I can have ANY component use the serial port, that would be great so as to still have 2 free USB ports for other things.

    What say? Could I just hack together a connector head and solder the wires to a DB-9 head?

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    there is a little circuit inside the db9 connector. Check out his website. It shows it.


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      OK I see that he has already built an RS232 version. This is what I want, especially since using optical out is supported.

      but they are discontinued, and now out of stock!

      Is it possible to get an optical out of the USB version?



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        I would recommend sending Mitch an email at [email protected].

        He'll be able to answer your questions about his hardware.