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Extremely low volume with auxiliary input

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  • Extremely low volume with auxiliary input

    I have a 2002 jetta and am using the USA SPEC aux in adapter in my trunk (I want the adapter to be in the trunk because that is where I have my laptop). I am getting extremely low levels from the aux input. when i use an Ipod I have to turn the volume all the way up to be able to hear the music without having to turn the HU volume up so high that I get a hiss

    When I plug my laptop in I have to max the HU volume to hear the music at all. I have purchased and wired in a line driver (LD-1) from the laptop to the aux in, I can not quite max the LD before it starts to attenuate, and I still only get volume levels about comparable to the Ipod. I have a new aux in coming on the off chance that the problem is with this one, but I don't know that it is and the thing is backordered with no estimated shipping date anyway. Does anyone know of an aux in that has two channels, a preamp, and would go into the cd in that is in the trunk of my car?

    Thanks all!

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    I dont there's any AUX IN device that would have a built in line amp, they are mostly all seperate devices.


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      Don't know if you have the option but on my Sony HU thee is an AUX input gain adjustment. It's worth a look.