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External USB sound card/processor

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  • External USB sound card/processor

    I'm looking for a very high end (best sound quality is all that matters) external usb sound card for my carputer. Shopping around, i'm not finding anything that will get the most out of the 600 dollar amp I just bought (adding two more soon). Basically I need three outputs (front, rear, and subs), usb 2.0, and externally powered so I don't strain the minimal power of the eeepc. I plan to run 3 amps one to front and rear and two to my subs. Anyone have any recommendations on the best usb sound processors.

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      i dunno how high your expecting, but for external usb card, ur choice is quite limited.
      I'd suggest looking for a PCI one if slot and space is an option.
      otherwise i have a audigy 2nx that i dont use anymore, hit me up and we'll work something out.


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        I need to get a USB sound card too and have been looking at the Audgy 2 NX. I'll shoot you a pm Punky.


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          I want that audigy nx 2, if stroths hasn't already made a deal with you punky let me know, that was actually my first choice, but it seems it was discontinued or something. Pci is not an option, using an asus eeepc laptop.


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            System always under construction


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              although not with the number of outs you're looking for: The Bloat . Great components, and I've seen a couple of very good reviews. I should have mine next week with RCA outs.