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Mono Or 2 Channel Amp?

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  • Mono Or 2 Channel Amp?

    Hi everyone a total newbie here

    I just bought 2x 12 inch rockford p2d412 subs but dont know what amp to get. Should i buy a mono amp and bridge them together or 2 channel amp to power the subs?Or what kinda amp should i get? all help is appreciated!!

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    For ease of setup I'd recomend a Class D mono amp. Somthing that puts out a genuine 500 watts RMS into a 1ohm load. Could go upto a 1000 wrms amp if you realy want.


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      are the subs in the same box with a common airspace, or are they fully separated from each other?

      if they are in the same box, the better option for someone starting out is a single mono amp, or a 2 channel amp bridged to one output. the reason, if you have them powered one off each side of an amp and the gain setup is not the same on both sides of the amp, one sub will be doing more work than the other and potentially cancelling each other out... to a degree


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        Here's a few ideas that point directly at a mono-block... A class D mono-block is going to be much more efficient, meaning less watts from a more solid amp will give a more "solid" feel to the bass. Also, the lower frequencies are a bit less directional than the upper frequencies, meaning there is no real need for stereo in the sub-stage. My vote: MONO-BLOCK.

        Just make sure you look for a good solid amp... Alpine, Kicker, US Amps, Xtant, JBL, Rockford Fosgate, etc. are just a few I come up with off the top of my head that I've used, and been very satisfied with... The list of no-so-goods is just as long, but I'll refrain...
        Play with it, 'til it's broke.


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          Thank you so much for everyone giving me solid answers. So i concluded to use mono amp powering the subs!!!