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Other ways to eliminate ground loop?

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  • Other ways to eliminate ground loop?

    We all know the best way to eliminate ground loop is not to have any. But if you're going to isolate the audio signal, why not eliminate audio ground all together. This is assuming the ground loop is from your PC to your stereo.

    The two ways I was thinking about is optical SPDIF and Bluetooth A2DP.

    The great thing with both is that ground is not an issue and they are digital which means noise can't affect the sound quality. Most car stereos don't have Bluetooth A2DP or SPDIF. But you can build a spdif decoder cheap or buy a bluetooth audio receiver like Jensen WBT310. The best way to implement is if the stereo has a CD changer port that provides clean power and aux in.

    Has anyone tried something like this?

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    A2DP has drawbacks

    Originally posted by CombatCQB View Post
    ...The two ways I was thinking about is optical SPDIF and Bluetooth A2DP.
    ...Has anyone tried something like this?
    I recently bought the Clarion FB275BT receiver. The A2DP connection works great, once the connection is established. The problem is that everytime I start up the car, it takes fiddling with the screen to initiate the connection and several seconds delay to start playing. Even if I were able to fully automate the initiation, the delay would always be there. Another issue is that whenever I receive a phone call the Clarion switches over to hands free. I have found that when I hang up the phone, A2DP reconnection is unpredictable.

    I didn't really plan to use the Bluetooth Audio connection for the PC. My plan was to use the Aux input on the Clarion. That is not suitable either for me because the Aux input only routes to the rear speakers. It also is mixed with whatever primary source is active and the volume is fixed, not controlled by the head unit. I was hoping to have the head unit provide master control of volume and fader. I am switching to a headless setup next with the amp in the trunk next to the PC.