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DFW Area RTA request.

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  • DFW Area RTA request.

    I am installing some ID CD1 Pro horns in my accord this week and I would like to request someone with an RTA if I can come over and get some tuning help using it. I usually can do some by ear but horns is an all new thing for me so i could use all the help, and a 7 band peq is pushing it too i know this already.

    I am currently running Active off an Eclipse cd7000(7band peq). here is the rest what it consists of.

    Zapco 1100.1 reference powering a mag @4ohms @ ~800watts in a 1.3 cube sealed box

    Avioixx 440.4 2 channels powering Hertz HSK 165 mids(6.5"). and other 2 channels will power horns probably only need to give 15-20watts max.

    I reside in The Colony. please pm or post here if you can help me or need more information.

    ~mir ali~
    screen name here use to be MegaloRESE15"

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    I hope that Works For you!

    Let me know when u want to Try To get the horns Working!
    Microsoft Is a Evil Empire that has corrupted a generation!

    Thanks - Eric Scott
    Area 3 Productions