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Kenwood, multiple audio input with AUX

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  • Kenwood, multiple audio input with AUX

    Right now in the Kenwood deck I have the 3.5mm plug(like the ones for headphones).
    What I want to do is be able to add:
    1 RCA audio input
    2 3.5mm (computer and random mp3 players)

    Im guessing ill probably have to switch to RCA aux input for the deck or use converters to make the equipment also output with RCA but besides those bulky RCA switches for the tv, is there a solution to have multiple inputs without those large units or manually unplugging and switching?

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    Kenwood makes a switching device that lets you add up to 3 more devices if you have a newer deck. I just bought a Kenwood X591 with an aux cable that plugs into the CD changer connector, which is where this box plugs into. Then you use the aux cables, which are available with either RCA jacks or 3.5mm jack.

    Here's the box:

    Zotac N630I-D-E M/B w/ Nvidia 7100, E5300 cpu, Xenarc 700IDT, M2-ATX, XP, RR & DFX 5.1.


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      Oh cool, thats exactly what I was looking for. Didnt know Kenwood actually made something like that.