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ipbus input question... SQ compromised?

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  • ipbus input question... SQ compromised?

    This might be long, skip down to the *** if you want to get right to the question.

    Hello all, I recently was shown a carputer in a WRX running streetdeck and I fell inlove with the idea of a carputer again. I HAD built a system long ago when 800 mhz and 4x20 LCDs and VFDs where hot stuff but I had never ended up putting it into my car. After seeing this guys system I am thinking that I need to build a mp3car.

    I am in the planning stages right now and make sure I get everything that I want and that I am able to make it right (or close to right) the first time. One feature this WRX had was keeping, but relocating his HU and mounting his 7" touchscreen in the double din location. This way if he didn't want to boot up the computer, or play a CD without messing with computer he could. I want to do this same sort of layout in my car and have a few questions on how I could do this.

    As my audio system is right now I have a
    Pioneer 7800mp HU
    400x4 chan amp / 250x2 chan amp
    4 door speakers / 10" woofer

    I would like to keep the function of the HU so if I want to listen to CDs (dont have to mount a cdrom up front), short drives (dont want to wait for boot), volume control thru my HU. I was trying to think of how to connect the PC to a input of the HU and use HUs outputs to the amps and make sound. I did a search and found the IP-Bus hack and or cables you could buy that gave you a stereo input to the back of the radio.

    Back when I was shopping for headphones alot of people would complain about how if you spent $150 on headphones you should listen to anything but lossless file format. I want to make sure that if I do run this route...
    PC > ip-bus > HU > amps > speakers
    I am not going to losing SQ (or THAT much SQ) as compared to a normal CD. I know I could do a 4.1/5.1 output from my PC right to my amps and have surround too, but If I already have the HU controlling the bal/fade/vol and all music I have is in L/R channel anyways if using ip-bus is a decent way of connecting sound. I would like to make the same type of system. 7" touch for mp3/navi/hands free phone/ipod conntion/xm(?)/video playback (not very concerned about this). This way I save $$/space/wiring hassle on FM tuner card and CD rom drive to the front of the car.

    So, Is IP-Bus a quality audio input for a car pc used mainly for mp3/navi/handsfree phone?

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    I know that pioneers sound processors are also connected through IP-Bus and these are used to improve SQ. CD changers are connected to the Bus and also external AV units are connected to the Bus. Many aftermarket manufacturers use some kind of bus system to connect all these. So my opinion is there will be not a lot of loss in SQ when using the IP-bus to connect your car PC.
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