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I am having problem with stock accord 08 Subwoofer

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  • I am having problem with stock accord 08 Subwoofer

    Hi guys

    I am new here please don't disappoint me !!

    I just boght new Honda Accord 2008 V6

    wich comes from factory with huge woofer !!

    but in the setting I put

    Bass +6
    Tre +6
    SubWF +6
    Fad =C
    Bal =C


    Kiss Kiss T-Pain feat. C.Brown
    but all what I get noise and sound of vibration !!

    also I knew that when I press by my hand all the noise GONE !!

    What should I do ??

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    Seems like if you feel certain that sub is problem child, you should go back to the dealer of your new car....

    Do you have experience with subs? They CAN sound kinda fuzzy and buzzy 'till one gets used to 'em.

    This is a Car PC forum where we generally discuss connecting our carpc's to lots of things, including our car sound systems.

    Best of luck.
    Happy CarPC'ing!


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      I've a similar set-up in my 2007 Ridgeline. Of course, the sub is different sized. First, bear in mind that this is an OEM speaker. You may want to address that all the way around. My Honda has Pioneer speakers, but they're pretty marginal. You may want to check mounting bolts for the subwoofer, too, but I don't think that's your problem.

      Then, try easing back on all the settings. You're maxxing everything out & that's pretty much guaranteed to distort. You didn't say what volume you were running -- probably you're up around 30. I've found that unless the source material (CD or whatever) is relatively recent, running SUB, BASS & TREB at +2 or +3 & volume around 24 (on the Honda 40-point scale) is usually sufficient.

      But if you want profound bass, you're going to need to upgrade the speakers all around & maybe look in to more amp.


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        No It is happing even when the volume is from 12 to 40
        & I have checked all the bolts all tight
        and the CD is Original not a copy tested on Mitsubishi Lancer EX and works perfectly


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          It's an OEM subwoofer. It simply won't do the things you expect it to do. With all the settings to +6 it will just sound horrible. Altough the guy in the movie seems pretty impressed by it.

          You seriously need to upgrade your system if you want the bass to be that loud. Stock speakers are never designed to play that much bass, even if they have a sub.

          A side note. This actually is a forum about putting PC's in your car. The Audio section of the forum is created to solve audio problems when using a Car-PC. In most cases we refer people with dedicated car-audio problems to dedicated car-audio forums because knowledge of these things is probably better over there but in your case you probably will get the same answer everywhere.
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            DAMN I could have had sound like that!!! and to think I spent all that money on audio.
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              I would simply suggest that you put dynamat under that rear panel. The plastic panel is probably vibrating against the metal.
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                2008 Accord Sub Woofer

                I too am having problems with my 2008 Accord sub woofer. Its nice to know (in a strange sort of way), that others have the same problem too. The woofer actually sounds like its blown. But, the problems appears to be intermitant. One thing that I noticed is that when I'm listening to talk radio I dont hear it as much as when I listen to music. Took it to the dealer and of course, they couldn't find the cause of the problem. Will be taking it back again as, the problem seems to be getting worse.


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                  A majority of Hondas use a lot of plastic parts, especially the rear deck.

                  My 2004 Honda Accord LX coupe doesnt have a stock subwoofer and rattles are apparent.

                  My volume is never maxed out and I can only with stand the quality of the sound at half way. Even at lower volumes the bass sounds distorted and the trebles on the tweeters are very harsh which causes immediate listening fatigue.

                  With my new settings at -2 treble, -1 bass it is alright for now. Will eventually put a set of components in soon! =)

                  Like what others have said, the solution would be finding where the rattles are coming from and reinforcing those areas by either tightening the screws, sound deadening mat, expanding foam or just simply insert pieces of cushioning foam to stop it from vibrating.

                  There isn't much low frequencies in talk radio thus it is not affecting the subwoofer.
                  What are your settings like? It sounds like your bass might be set too high and it is distorting the subwoofer.


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                    If you want bass in that car with stock audio system, just unplug the two rear speakers, they only rattle and distord, let the front component alone with the sub and the sound will be way better. Drop the treble a bit or if you can install two-ways crossovers and bass blocker for front it will be even nicer. The stock sub is not so bad, don't expect to beat a 1000W after market but you can get pretty good bass with it with a proper setup.


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                      I have yet to hear a car that i am impressed by the factory audio system. you need a aftermarket sub, factory stuff is horrible, and is created to simply make sound, not good sound, or loud sound, only to simply create some sort of audio-- most factory systems are best at talk radio, if you are wantng better audio, you will need to upgrade all of the speakers, amps, and headunit
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                        The stock sub in my RSX-S was not even audible unless you put your head right up to it.