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Blow a speaker and not be obvious

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  • Blow a speaker and not be obvious

    I want to replace the OEM speakers in my truck, and I have some aftermarkets to replace them, however the aftermarkets are for my old truck, and dont fit my new one, so is there anyway to blow the aftermarkets and make it look like it wasn't misuse (I have a 4yr warranty on them)

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    you want to know how to commit fraud?
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      nm, didn't think of it that way *smacks self*


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        i think in general the warranty on speakers really pnly covers things like the glue un-sticking and things falling off, eg a physical manufacturing fault. i suspect most places might tell you to *%&^ off if its "blown". could you make spacers out of MDF or ply wood or something?


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          Sell the speakers on the for sale forum or eBay to finance ones that will fit.


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            even though most places will replace them if you blow them, it wont do you anygood as when you get the refurbished speakers back they still wont fit. Why wont they fit??? I think they will fit you just need to get creative or ask for some insight.
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              just make it fit! hah!

              or it will take some effort. WHere is it going? front doors or in the back??

              the front will take quite a bit of effort to get it to fit. You might have to do custom fabrication for most vehicles... as for the back, liek the ones that sit on a rear parcel try, you can easily use spaces. You can even go more hard out and Cut through your rear parcel tray chassis, reenforce it with MDF or ply and mount the speakers that way. Add more holes for the subwoofer air to pass through too and you'll also get more bass in the cabin XD

              Good luck