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Connecting soundcard to amp?

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  • Connecting soundcard to amp?

    Hi there, I currently have my car pc sound running form the stereo jack in my laptop but want to do a full upgrade come summer time. I will be running pioneer premeir components up front and pioneer premier 6x9's in the back. This will be off of a 4ch amp and then I'll also have 2 10's off of a mono amp. I'm gonna be buying the turtle beach srm USB sound card and I'm not sure how to hook the amps to the sound card? Heres a pic of the outputs on the sound card:
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    Would it be better to go with a different sound card instead?


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      I'd check the wiring siagram and specs on the usb device, but it looks like the 5.1 outputs are to be connected to that DIN-type jack on the left side of the pictures you posted.

      Looks like a pain, when so many sound cards simply have 3.5mm output jacks on them for front, rear, sub, etc, etc...

      Creative does have laptop expansion sound cards.
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        it has 3.5mm jacks:
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          Yes, you can just use a normal 3.5mm to RCA cable x3 (1 set for fronts, 1 for rear, 1 for subs) and you'll be just fine. Should be pretty nifty if you can incorporate that unit "stealthily" some were and still use the IR remote and volume control knob.
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