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Hippo Hifi or what or what or what [long] AUDIO PROS- KILL SOME TIME AT WORK

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  • Hippo Hifi or what or what or what [long] AUDIO PROS- KILL SOME TIME AT WORK

    Hey all, I want to know if I can still buy their Bloat USB DAC. Their site must be down or something... If anyone has one for sale, that would also be SWEET. Any reviews or recommendations for a directly comparable unit are welcome, but it must have RCA outs and similar level of sound quality.

    ...OR- The question behind the question: What I really want to know is if there is a way that I haven't been able to find by searching that you can do 5 way crossovers on the pc, similar to the kx project but for a card that can do at least 4v rms output- like the x-meridian, x-fi prelude or whatev.

    Im so lost. I thought I knew my ideal audio set up until I started reading- DAMNIT!

    Something that would help is if someone with experience would tell me how damaging to sound quality/output each of these options are:

    1. Using onboard realtek HD audio (alc888) vs another option
    2. using any source with 3.5mm jacks and using RCA adaptors vs something with RCA outs
    3. Using line drivers if output isn't strong enough
    4. Using Kmixer and onboard volume control vs. analog volume control downstream

    As a note, Im going for Semi-Audiophile but definately on a budget.

    My Thoughts-more expensive to less expensive:

    1. Hippo Bloat w/RCA>1/2 din volume control (also splits 2 channel to six with gain control)>Rockford 3sixty.2>Rockford mono and 4 channel amps

    2. X-fi or X meridian (if I can get one)> 3sixty.2>amps OR the same but with an active x-over instead of 360

    3. Bloat>vol control>active crossover>amps

    4. KXproject>audigy2 zs>line driver (2volts isn't enough) and volume control (if you guys tell me kmixer sucks)>amps

    5. Onboard HD>3.5mm to RCA>360>amps

    6. Onboard>3.5 to RCA>active x-over>amps

    I know a good amount about car audio so lay it on me. I NEED OPINIONS!!!

    I will be using good components with whatever I go with and its Diamond and CDT for speakers so pretty good stuff..

    From the questions I see repeated here all the time, I think I'm not the only one looking for a bit more clarity on this. Thanks in advance.