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Connection between PC & Amps

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  • Connection between PC & Amps

    Hello, been a lurker now and in the past and just have a question regarding the hookup between my pc and amps. If there's a thread or threads already on this topic would someone direct me please. Mind you I don't have my pc set up yet and I'm going to be buying all new amps and subs - Kicker. I've noticed in the forums that when hooking up the amps and pc when eliminating the head unit there's alot of talk about RCAs. However, isn't there a way to: pc --> 4-channel amp & pc --> mono amp, optically. Obviously, I'm only doing 4 speaker locations, and then one dvc sub in a sealed box.
    Your help is thoroughly appreciated.

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    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      Thank you for your response.

      So is there a way to connect the pc and amp(s) with optical in and outs?


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        you would have to find a car audio amp that accepts an optical input. or use a digital-analog converter (DAC).
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          or use an audio processor (DSP) that accepts digital input. check the car audio FAQ subforum.
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            A lot of car audio products don't have optical yet (at least not aftermarket). Would be nice though to run fiber optics thru the car.