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Selectable multiple input sound card

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  • Selectable multiple input sound card

    Hi all,

    I've searched and can't find this. I need to input 3 or more (3 will do for now) different sources into the carpc, then select the one I want to use via software and output it to the audio system. I can't find a card that will do just this. I don't want to simultaneously use the inputs, as in mixing them into one output. Maybe I'm searching on the wrong words. Like I say, I've found lots for mixing/simultaneously recording multiple inputs, that I don't want that. I only want one input routed to the output at a time. I know I can simply put a hardware switch in before the input, and manually control it, but that isn't what carpc's are all about. I would like the frontend (haven't settled on a specific one yet) to select the audio/video from my backup cam/sirius radio/aux-in/ or whatever and route it out to the amps. Is there such a thing? I've read that multiple USB sound cards are unstable, and not sure that would do what I want anyway.

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    Good luck in finding one, mostly all cards just have line in and mic.


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      Fusion Brain has to ability to control relays via software.

      You could use that to switch the inputs to one main input.

      Otherwise you need to look at pro audio cards that have assignable inputs and outputs simialr to a mixer. Softare intergration will be a pain, but anything is possible.
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