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  • Ford Six Disc CD Changer

    I have a Ford Six Disc CD Changer Stereo (stock for a 2005 Ford Escape) that I disassembled to use the casing for my car computer.

    When I took it apart there were two sections, one (bottom) which appeared to be for the radio portion which contained one PC board and is where the front panel connected to.

    The second section (top section) holds the six cd's and has the laser inside. There is an interface on the bottom that has 15 pins:

    | _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ |
    | _ _ _ _ _ _ _ |
    | |
    (i know its crude but that is basically the interface located on the bottom rear of the assembly) 8 on the top and 7 on the bottom (on either side of a piece of plastic that is in the middle).

    I'm assuming (or hoping) this CD portion of the stereo could run independant of the rest of the audio assembly, and I would love to figure out the pinout of the interface to be able to use it to run music cd's in my car instead using my cd/dvd player for it.

    Does anyone happen to know the pinout of this or where I might be able to find it?

    I'm assuming it might be a very literal pinout, ie a VCC GND AUD+ AUD- TRACK+ TRACK- DISC1 TO DISC6 PAUSE PLAY EJECT or something similar.

    Any help at all would be appreciated