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Trouble Shooting Amplifier

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  • Trouble Shooting Amplifier

    So i tried to install my amp today and it didnt work.....

    steps i did.
    1. disconnect negative battery
    2. pulled a wire from battery(+) to amp -Not connected yet
    3. Connected ampflier ground
    4. Routed 4 RCA cables(2front 2 rear) + blue amp on remote to amp from HU. I connected the blue amp remote from amp to a blue/white wire in my HU. My HU is
    5. i connected the subwoofer to the amp using the 2 rear rca outputs from the amp.

    Then i put in the fuse which connects to the battery(+), and replugged the negative terminal.

    Now the amp doesn't seem to turn on. My original 4 speakers still work. When i turn off my car, the HU starts beeping, which signals that the detachable faceplate is not removed. However, the HU guide said the beeping will stop if i connect it to an external AMP. would you go about trouble shooting it?

    How can u tell if your fuse or equipment is dead??:X

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    Make sure your remote wire from your amp is connected to the remote wire on your head.

    You can check your fuse usually by looking at it. Make sure the center is still intact. If you need a true quick easy test to find out, simply get some small wires and a small 9V battery (Smoke detector ones). Put the fuse inline on one of the wires. Touch your tongue to both of the wires. You will feel it if the fuse is good.

    How did you hook up your ground? Make sure your ground wire is as short as possible. You usually just wire the ground with less than a foot of wire. Connect that wire directly to your car's frame/body.
    Be sure that you remove the paint where you connect the ground wire to your car's body. You want it to be a bright shiny silver.

    If that still doesn't work, hook your amp's remote wire to your amps + wire. This should cause it to be turned on even if your car is off.
    If it turns on, you need to check your remote wire connections.

    If you try all that and still get nothing, it may be dead. You should also look for a fuse on the amp itself.