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semi-newb and I need help with L7's, amp, and box info/advice Please help!!!!

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  • semi-newb and I need help with L7's, amp, and box info/advice Please help!!!!

    Hey all... I'm somewhat new to car audio. With in the last 2 years I've had 2 different systems/setups in my 94 cutlass supreme. The first was a set of 12 kicker cvrs that i got from a Ccity deal. I loved them while I had them, but they were stolen from me 2 months or so later. A half year or so later I decided to get another cheap system to throw in my car for the summer. So I grabbed another cheap package deal. This time I opted for a near dirt cheap sony Xplode setup that had 2 12's and a 800 watt amp. This system was semi-decent... I ended up popping the speakers atleast once a month. I'm not sure why, may have been because of faulty wiring on my part, or just lack of knowledge on how to really tune the system myself. Either way I dont have the speakers anymore.

    Now on to the present since you know my background and experience. I'm going to be getting a 2003 monte carlo within the next month, so i've started to stock some of the things my cousin and I (he's been doing installs at best buy for the last 4 years so dont worry he knows what he's doing) are going to install and I would like some advice. I got 1 12 inch L7 4 ohm speaker from my cousin as a gift. I also got a 1000.1 kicker amp off him for dirt cheap.

    Now here is the situation. I LOVE loud deep bass. I'm not good on technical terms so please forgive my writing. But I'm not sure as to whether I should grab another L7 (can the amp handle 2?). I am also debating on what type of box I should get. Space is not an issue. I am willing to give up all the space in my trunk in order to get the best sound possible. sadly I dont have exact size of my trunk =( lol. But any advice you can give me will be greatly appreciated. If it makes any difference the head unit I plan on using will be a Clarion MAX675VD (a double din touch screen dvd/multimedia thingy).

    So please please pleeaassseee any advice, help, info, etc. will be greatly appreciated!!!! Thanks in advance...

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    Jan Bennett
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    Please post on the forums! Chances are, someone else has or will have the same questions as you!