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6 Channel onboard, static in all but fronts

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  • 6 Channel onboard, static in all but fronts

    I have a Soyo K7V Dragon Plus motherboard with the C-Media 6 channel sound card. I have a 4 channel amp for my main speakers and a single channel for my sub. I went into the setup and activated the sound card for 5.1 (I get a TINY blip of music to all speakers for a 10th of a second) but I only get music to the fronts. The rest just get fuzz/white noise. I also swapped all the different plugs in the main/front output jack to make sure the amps were all good and they are; problem lies in the computer/card (the extra channels are on a break-out card the usually would bolt in a pci slot and connect to the mobo with a ribbon cable).

    I have up to date drivers for the onboard sound and the newest winamp. anyone have any idea what I can try? BTW, RR is currently my shell...