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HD Zoom not working help needed

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  • HD Zoom not working help needed

    I have a HD Zoom HDZ300 and i cant get it to work. I screwed up i bought tit off of ebay and by the time i got it I was super busy and couldnt get it installed. About 3 weeks later I finally got the time and i did a test run and I got it to fire up once but i went to turn it back on and nothing. I have no idea what to do and i contacted the company and they want 15 bucks plus shipping to take a look at it. If its not somthing simple then im out of luck and the way it sound they will keep it. I only paid $50 to start with. I was wondering if anyone had experiance with these tuners or had a wiring diagram. Anyting is useful at this point. Absolutely noting works now and ive checked all the easy things like the fuse and wires and that still noting. Thank you fora any help you can provide.