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Problem hooking up mp3 player to Pioneer DEH-P3700MP

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  • Problem hooking up mp3 player to Pioneer DEH-P3700MP

    I have a Pioneer DEH-P3700MP stereo in my car. I recently bought a Philips SA3345 MP3 player and I'd like to hook it up so that it will play through my car stereo.

    I bought the little adaptor that plugs into the aux port on the back of the stereo and goes to RCA connectors and I bougth a cable that goes from RCA connectors to the plug for the headphone jack on the mp3 player.

    According to the instructions in my stereo's manual, I should press the function button repeatedly until AUX appears, then I can turn the AUX function on and it should then appear when I press the source button.

    I've pressed the heck out of that function button and AUX will not appear and it will not play from my mp3 player. Is anyone familiar with this stereo and knows what could be the problem?


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    Nevermind. I finally got it.


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      Would you be so kind and share the info. I tried to get my iPod working with my DEH-3600 today but no aux is showing up.


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        Ok, found it out.
        press the funtion key and hold for few sec when the headunit is off then you will reach the menu where you can on the AUX mode ..
        From post #4