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  • onboard sound, no line in

    I currently have onboard sound which is realtec, and its not 5.1 audio.

    It has a line out, line in, mic and digital out.

    I have a alpine 4 channel amp to power my four speakers.

    everytime i switch to 4.1 sound in windows it puts the line in for rear speakers, line out for front and keeps the mic.

    If i switch to 5.1, it puts line in for rear speakers, line out for front speakers and mic for center/sub.

    I really need the line in for my hd radio, but looks like i have not many options unless i upgrade to another sound card.

    I guess i could always turn to 2.1 sound in windows and use a y adapter to split the front and rear speakers and then use the line in for my hd radio, but then i would also have to put my sub on the same line out for my front and rear speakers.

    IF this is the only way to do this with onboard i will no be able to control my sub and have limited control over my speakers.

    I have tried to use a usb sound card (soundblaster live 5.1), but was horrible and kept shutting down.

    I have limited selection because my case is low profile, and its hard to find a sound card with low profile which has support for 5.1.

    Also, i can only get 3 of the 4 channels to work with my amp, but thats for another thread.

    Any suggestions??