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  • Power Capacitor Installation Help

    Hi, all I've recently purchased a Toxic 1 Fared power cap for my sound system setup. all I really need is for someone who know's about power caps to clarify what I'm going to do is correct and will not blow up my power cap or amp. First of all I was going to disconnect my battery. disconnect the power cable going from my battery + to my amplifier (fused line). then i put a ring terminal on my fused line at the amplifier end of the cable, and connect that to my power cap + side. then cut a new piece of power cable put ring terminal on that and also connect that to + side of my power cap, and then put the other end of that cable into my amplifier. Then get some ground cable, create a new ground separate from the amplifiers ground, and connect that to the - side of my power cap?

    is this what I'm going to do correct. any help would be much apreciated. thanks.

    Also charging the power cap. I have read the instructions on my power cap. it says " the digital pcb system will turn on and automatically charge the cap. i have also read about people hooking up light bulbs to charge there caps. i'm wondering will i have to do this. or is this cap a fully automated charging system? pcb whatever that is?

    This is my cap :

    any help would be much apreciated, thanks again