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  • Is name brand equipment worth it? ...

    Just thought I'd throw something out there for those wondering if investing in brand name equipment in car audio is worth it.

    I was looking up some details on equipment that I installed in my Jeep, and didn't realize how long it had been since installed:

    Kicker Solo-baric sub -- installed June of 1996 (almost 12 years)
    Rockford Fosgate Amp for above -- installed June of 1996 (again almost 12 years)
    Rockford Fosgate amp for speakers -- installed in May of 2000 (8 years)
    Inifinity Kappa 6.5in and 4x6 speakers -- installed in December of 1995 (12.5 years ) (also installed in previous car)

    These items are installed in my Jeep Wrangler, which has been abused plenty off-road and by the weather. Even been rained on a couple times, and splashed with mud more times than I can remember. Still installed there today and working great.

    I am actually suprised myself... just goes to show that sometimes investing a little more is worth it in the longrun. =)

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    Solobaric from '98 still shakes the sh.t.

    Perfect condition other than a slight amount of that cardboard surround lost to endless system tweaking.

    Good stuff isn't considered good because of some fluke or accident. Word of mouth means more than all the marketing money on the planet.


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      Fosgate amps are beasts. They are usually outputting double the rated specs and will last a lifetime.

      They are the only amps I buy.