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audio interference using dc-ac inverter

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  • audio interference using dc-ac inverter

    hey everyone, i have recently dove into the world of car computers and ran into my first snag. I spent about 2 days running wires, mounting screens, etc and went to do my 1st bootup. everything worked fine except i have a large amount of static over my audio (which is an aux in on the back of my kenwood headunit).

    I think i have the issue tagged down to an older inverter i am using to power the pc, but i want to see what everyone else thinks before i drop $100 on a dc-dc power supply.

    If i power the computer off of household ac everything works fine, and i have also tried to hook the inverter directly to the battery which also results in the same amount of static/interference coming out of my speakers.

    Furthermore if the computer is shut off, but hooked up to its power source the computers atx power supply emits a buzzing sound.

    I have searched, and I think I know the answer, but i would love to hear others input.

    So whats the verdict?

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    An inverter is inherantly noisy. Your problem is the inverter. When you go dc-ac-dc that is no good.

    DC-DC will help out a bunch I am sure.
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      On a side note, if you are plugging your inverter into your cigarette lighter socket, remove it IMMEDIATELY.

      Unless you want to set your car on fire that is.

      Always connect it directly to the battery.